Distance Education – The Importance of Accreditation

The need to attend an accredited institution cannot be overemphasized if you ever want to be successful in your career. This is one factor that many people ignore to their detriment when looking for distance education programs.

No doubt, there are many education institutions out there churning out different kinds of degrees in various fields of endeavor. While this is good news, it is also a cause of concern as many of them are mere diploma mills that give students worthless certificates. The reason why we still have many of these schools in existence is because there are so many people out there looking for faster routes to getting a degree. This group of people don’t want to work hard for the certificate. This is why they often fall prey to schools offering fake certificates.

Accreditation is one factor that you must consider above all others when seeking for online degrees. When a school is accredited, it means that the school has met minimum standard expected of a school wishing to give students certificates. The accrediting body believes that the school is equipped with both material and human resources to impart knowledge. Hence, attending such a school gives you peace of mind. One, you are sure that your certificate will not be rejected by prospective employers or other institutions if you want to advance in your education. Two, you are sure of getting the best form of education.

It is not difficult to find an accredited institution. It is highly recommended that you consult the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for assistance. These two organizations will help you with the list of accredited institutions that you can attend. Also, you can visit education forums and chat rooms on the web for help. Members of the forums can help you know which school is accredited and which school you should stay away from.

While distance education is a great idea, you must ensure that the school as well as the program you are enrolling for is accredited. This is very important if the course or program you are enrolling for has an association. If you attend a school having a program that is not accredited by the relevant association, the association will not welcome you into its fold.

Looking For Affordable Distance Education?

In today’s world of economic recession, everybody is looking for affordable distance education. The basis is evident. Many people can’t have the funds for the prohibitive fee of conventional schools basically because they can’t support it without keeping their existing career. So, it is obligatory for them to be able to amalgamate both together. Another cause why several people are looking for an affordable distance education university is because they can’t manage to pay for the related fee of registering with a traditional school. We are talking of fees like accommodation and transportation. With distance education, every one of these fees are removed.

The great news about affordable distance education is that there are several colleges and universities around you presenting one program or the other that you can accomplish from anywhere and anytime you want. Simply make use of your number one search engine and you’ll be presented with scores of schools presenting your desired program. Conversely, it is a fact that a number of of them may be pricey but you should not let that dissuade you. If you keep on searching, you’re certain to discover ones that you can pay for. Yet, I want you to be really watchful when searching. It isn’t advisable for you to compromise class at the expense of affordability. You’ll come across majority of educational institution on the information superhighway that will offer you unreasonable low fees for their programs. It is very vital that you check before you leap.

Accreditation is one of the lots of matters you ought to consider when looking for affordable distance education. An accredited schools is where you are convinced to get the most excellent education you want. Moreover, you’re confident that you’ll be awarded a certificate that employers of labor our there will not have problem with. Therefore, it is really crucial that you check the accreditation status of the educational institution regardless of the cost. Whether it is costly or it is something you can manage to pay for, it is crucial to check if the school is not one of the diploma mills on the net. I advocate you to search online education forums where you will run into with like minded individuals and they will be able to pilot you so that you can avoid all the schools that will not do your career any good.

A World Leading Educational System – Singapore

The educational system in Singapore has often been described as world leading, being commended on by many specialists in the field, including Michael Gove, the British education minister. The national education budget for last year was S$ 11.6 billion, showing that the country has a vested interest in providing a high level of education at all levels, which is also showed by the literacy percentages, Singapore having a total of 96.1% of literate population, 66.6% having a secondary diploma and 47% having a post-secondary diploma. The administration and development of state school are controlled by the Ministry of Education, which also exerts a supervisory role on private schools. Whether private or public, schools benefit from flexibility when it comes to curriculum autonomy, scope of government funding or admission policy. Singaporean citizens enjoy subsidized education and the costs are much higher for non-citizens. The high level of literacy and education in Singapore may also be attributed to the Compulsory Education Act from 2000, which made it a criminal offence for parents not to enroll children in school and also provided that they ensure regular attendance. The systems is also highly aided by the large number of education resources, the country having an extensive platform of bookstores and academic resources, Singapore books even being found online.

An online bookstore in Singapore is not a rare thing and many parents make use of this great tool to buy practice books and other learning resources more quickly and easily. The school year in Singapore in divided into two semesters, from January to May and from July to November. Many parents not only sign up their children for primary school, but also enroll their kids in kindergarten and even preschool playgroups, at the age of 4-6 years and respectively 3-4 years, so many kids learn to read and write at a very young age. There are learning materials available even for such young ages and one can easily find, as mentioned above, Singapore books for practice or learning for kids who are at the age of 4 or 5. The kindergartens are usually run by the private sector, but kids here learn written and oral language, numbers and two languages: English, which is the official language in Singapore, and their native language, which can be Chinese, Malay or Tamil.

All things considered, the Singapore educational system definitely sets an example to many other countries, even European countries, showing that making school attendance mandatory and offering the right educational forums for kids at young ages can significantly influence the level of education within a country. The wide range of academic resources and educational aids also has a beneficial impact on the system, especially since the arrival and development of online bookstore platforms, which significantly aided parents and teachers in finding the right resources for the children. The country also has a GEP, which stands for Gifted Education Programme, which was set up in 1984 and helps the intellectually gifted children receive proper guidance and education.

Landmark Forum for You and Your Family

By now you have probably heard of Landmark Education and what it entails. However, if you have not, you are now probably interested in finding out more about it. Landmark Education is a global company that offers personal development programs through training. It is based in California and has programs running in over 20 countries and covering over 100 locations. Landmark Education has managed to establish itself as a power to reckon with when it comes to personal training.

Landmark Forum aims at teaching young people of today how to explore their potential beyond their imagined limits. These young people of modern times, face many challenges as they struggle to become successful in the fields they are involved in.

Landmark Education identifies the need for young people to have mentors as they undergo this struggle. These mentors help the youth deal with negative energy and teach them how to channel positive energy for their benefits. It does not mean, however, that Landmark Education is only open to young people only. There are various courses available to all, regardless of age.

Are you wondering how you can use Landmark Education to impact on you and your family? There are various ways how this can happen. For starters, if you are a career person, you are probably always on the lookout for new ways to improve your professional standing in the corporate world. It could be that you find yourself increasingly overwhelmed by the cutthroat competition in the corporate field. Or maybe you just want to improve your leadership skills before that big promotion. If any of the above defines your current predicament, you might want to consider Landmark Forum.

If you are not a career person, you should not feel as though Landmark Education is irrelevant to you. You still have a personal life to build and improve on. It could be that your personal relationships need some guidance. Landmark Forum will give you all the guidance you need. Sometimes relationships can be very difficult to handle and you might feel the need to talk to someone who knows a thing or two about relationships. What’s better than learning how to improve your relationships and having fun at the same time?

If you are a parent and are worried that your teens are at risk of succumbing to peer pressure, you should take measures to ensure that they do not. Landmark Education teaches teens how to handle peer pressure and how to deal with daily decisions that will affect their future life. Sometimes your children will need to hear it from someone else before they can believe it. The teens have dialogues and discussions and learn from each other and also from the coach. They are taught how to build on their self-esteem and how to communicate with people. Landmark Forum has courses even for the younger children so no one in your family will be left out.

So, if you are looking for something productive that you and your family can do for a weekend, you might want to try the Landmark Forum. It might not be the ideal family outing, but you will be glad you did it.