Landmark Education Forum Review

A close friend of mine has recently attended the landmark forum in Sydney, Australia. The most obvious outcome I saw was a transformation in her immediate emotional and mental state. After talking to her I was able to feel the progress it has helped her achieve in her immediate personal and professional life.

However this is not about my friend because I’m sure you are here to find out how educational courses such as landmark can benefit you.

So what can educational courses such as the landmark education offer you? The best advice to pass on is that you test everything out for yourself. Life is a game. Although that phrase may sound quite cliché when being overly used at times, the most successful people know that to succeed in any game you have to test things out for yourself.

The best due diligence for anyone in regards to whether landmark education courses are suitable to their needs is to seek advice from someone who has successfully completed the courses. While in conversation have a look at how they speak, present themselves and ask them how landmark education has been able to positively transform their personal and professional life. Look around you and start to feel what it’s like in their immediate surroundings.

Steer clear of any negative feedback that you may discover about landmark education and similar courses. The reason being is that these certain individuals went out of their way to share a negative experience with you. Not only are they showing signs of resistance, fear, uncomfort, pressure and shunning their own credibility, they want to bring you down with them. The truth is, if you want to succeed in anything in life then you want to surround yourself with successful people who are willing to help you to achieve your goals.

The best thing to do when you come across people who are only motivated with sharing their negative experiences is to listen without reacting and total acceptance of what they are saying. They feel intimidated when people want to move ahead in their own lives while they remain in a state of complete delusion. You don’t need to take their feedback into consideration. You only hope that they snap out of that delusional state and move forward with their own lives.

In saying that, I certainly believe that landmark education forum is a great foundation for generating more success, freedom, wealth, peace and fulfillment into your life. The forum has a lot of potential in itself and can help you eradicate the blockages that are continually holding you back. You will certainly meet plenty of inspirational people which is a great opportunity for networking. This is not a religious group. More like a forum where you can be educated and inspired by like minded and successful leaders.

The challenge is to open yourself up to all types of education that can assist you in discovering your true potential. Please share your experiences by commenting below or connecting with me on twitter.

Online Income – Using Forum Marketing to Get There

Are you looking for additional ways to market your online business? I make a good online income and one of the best marketing strategies I’ve found is forum marketing. It is, without a doubt, a great way to market your online business.

Quite simply, forum marketing is a type of social networking that employs the use of online forums as a place to market your online business. Forums are all about people who have similar interests coming together to talk, share ideas and opportunities, provide feedback and promote their businesses.

The way you market your business through a forum is not through blatant self promotion in your posts. You will find few friends that way. The way you promote your business is through your signature. That’s right – your signature. Your signature can contain information about your online business along with a link. Interested people will click on this link and find their way to your website. Sound easy? Well, yes and no. Yes, the concept is easy but forum marketing does require energy, effort and persistence. But, so does starting a home based business and generating an online income. Forum marketing is just another thing to do on your road to success.

The only forums you want to be on are serious ones where you can receive great information and resources from other members. Know in advance, that these members know their stuff! Don’t think you, as a noob member, are going to waltz right in there and steal everyone’s thunder. Respect others first and foremost. Don’t expect to make a couple of posts and then receive a ton of traffic to your online business. If you are going to do forum marketing for real, you should expect to help others more than you are helped yourself. If this isn’t your mindset, forum marketing isn’t for you.

Forum marketing can be a superb lead generation tool, but it does require a real investment of time; at least 5 – 10 posts per day minimum.

In order to do forum marketing effectively you must create a credible online presence. One way to do this is through providing useful information and solutions in your responses to others’ posts. This requires that you be constantly learning new things. If you see a post you want to respond to, make sure you know what you are talking about. You can’t offer valuable advice without researching the matter and educating yourself first.

The Benefits of Forum Marketing

  • It is a great way to market your online business and is completely free.
  • There is no waiting period, you can begin immediately.
  • It can produce great leads because your forum friends already know you, like you and trust you before they get to your website.

The Law of Reciprocity and Forum Marketing

  • Forum marketing is a give first strategy.
  • You must give a lot in order to get a lot.
  • When you provide valuable solutions to others without asking for something in return, you create a subconscious attraction.
  • By actually finding others who need help and providing them with solutions, you gain instant respect.

Forum Tips

1. Find a forum that is a right fit for you

If you are interested in creating an online income or starting a home based business, you do not want to be joining a forum on basket weaving. Look for forums specifically about online businesses or home based businesses that have large amounts of members – at least 1,000. Make sure that most of the forum threads have lots of recent posts.

2. Create an account and profile before posting in earnest

Forum membership is seniority based. Some forums will have a waiting period before accepting posts from new users. When you create an account make sure you fully flesh out your profile, complete with credentials, expertise and experience. Add personal interests, hobbies and any other information that will help a person get to know you from reading your profile. This step is crucial because it will be what gives you credibility.

3. Spend some time looking through the forum first

Before you jump in and begin posting, read through the forum to get a sense of what people are like as well as which topics are the favorites. Some forums do not like newcomers so it can be a bit of a test to be accepted. Do your homework first. Get a good feeling for what the community is like, if there are any definite things that are frowned upon and, basically, what the cultural norms are. Read the forum terms of service and abide by them.

4. Offer valuable contributions

This is most important and where you can really shine. If you want to answer a post but aren’t sure how, research it until you can give an informative, educational solution. If you do this long enough, people will begin to relate to you as an expert in your field. They will want to click through to your website to find out what the heck you are doing. This is an important step in generating leads to your home based business.

5.DO not overly promote yourself

Nothing is going to turn people off more than reading a post full of self-aggrandizing verbiage. You are there to provide service to others through providing incredibly useful information. Leave your sales pitch out the door. Your purpose on a forum is to be seen as helpful and knowledgeable. Leave the pitch for the signature box! If people respect you and like you enough, they will click on the link in your signature to go to your website.

6. NO Personal Drama

Just don’t do this. Ever. ALWAYS take the high road.

7. THE All-important Signature

Use good copyrighting to create your signature. It should have a strong CALL TO ACTION such that readers will be moved to click on your website link. Avoid overly long messages and flashy images.

Forum marketing isn’t for everyone but, if can be an excellent form of lead generation for your online business. If you have a home based business and are looking to create online income, I highly suggest you implement forum marketing into your marketing strategies.

5 Helpful Online Resources for Education Related Queries

Questions and doubts are very common in the process of learning. When you try to learn something, you face many kinds of queries and problems. If you are a student, you can ask your doubts to your teacher, but what if you do not have a mentor or a teacher to help you? Where else can you go for your education related doubts? Well, there is the internet, and it has answers to almost everything in the world. In this article, we will discuss the use of the internet for education.

There are many educational websites and resources online to help us with our study. Here, we will talk about the best five of them.

Question-Answers sites: These websites give us a platform to ask our queries online. These queries might be about anything. Experts and users of the website try to answer our queries in the best way. You can ask all your education related questions here in the right category. There are many such websites including Quora answers, Yahoo answers,,, etc.

Education Forums: Forums are the websites for online discussion. The topic of the discussion can be anything within the forum category limits. You can easily find educational forums online where you can ask your query, can share your ideas, and can talk to the industry experts. These forum websites work on certain rules and regulations, so you better read the forum guidelines before you use it.

Education Blogs: Though blogs are not mainly about discussion or questions, but you can still find useful information there. When you search an education query in Google, it may show many blogs around the topic. Blogs and articles explain the things and process properly. So, if you can find a blog post for your query, you will be able to understand the topic in a broader way.

Education Portals: There are many other websites and portals, which are working in the field of education. These websites are about schooling, college education, online courses, online study, jobs and recruitment or anything else. You can use these websites if they give information about your education related doubts. If you think that a website can help you with your question, you can contact them with your question.

Social Media: Social media is not particularly about education, but it is very useful for the purpose. The best thing about social media sites is their user base. Many good social sites have a big base of daily users. There are groups and pages on many such websites. If you post your question in an educational group or a page, you will definitely get a reply.

The internet is one of the biggest sources of knowledge.

Career Education In High Schools

Education is the most important requirement for a person to be successful in life. Schools impart education to students and train them for future jobs. Choosing the right career is a very crucial decision. However, many students are unable to decide or choose the appropriate field for a successful career. Students can ask for effective advice on career education from counselors of various career forums or programs. Students can also take advice from their friends and family members who can determine their aptitude and interest in different fields.

Students who have finished high school can seek guidance, from professional advisors at career education forums. Here students are given information about existing and most favorable fields that can be pursued.

Career education involves analyzing the skills, area of interest and basic knowledge of students by asking a number of questions. These factors reflect on the kind of career that suits their capabilities. They are introduced to a variety of career options, and learn the level of skills and education required in fields such as culinary, dental, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, plumbing, hotel and restaurant management and real estate. Career education helps students select the most appropriate field that compliments their interest and aptitude. Students are also counseled on different financial programs that can help fund their education.

Career education given by specialists helps students increase their market value within a particular field. They specify suitable programs that prepare people for favorable jobs. There are many programs that help assess the interests, work behaviors and aptitudes of students. There are many websites on career education that guide students to prepare themselves for favorable jobs.